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Metal Fabricator, Seat Manufacturer & Heavy Equipment Attachment

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Since 1975 - No. 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturer
Bus, Ambulance, and Specialty Truck (Fire, Rescue, Defense, Military, Police, Agriculture, Forestry, Mining) Body Builder – Carrosserie Industry

Metal Fabricator, Seat Manufacturer & Heavy Equipment Attachment

Assembly Plant for Automotive CKD & SKD


The history of the car is reflected in that of its lines, beauty and elegance, in the ability to bring an aesthetic concept to life. The artist is the stylist whose works are also masterpieces, the expression of a talent in some cases handed down and which contributes to creating an unmistakable dream.

The innovation process helps us to collect, evaluate and prioritize ideas for more in-depth projects, taking the corporate strategy and other factors into consideration. We can then put projects into a concrete form and carry them out in heterogeneous project teams.

During the innovation phase, we define ideas, goals and principles for new architectures, technologies and innovations for the product development process, compare them and evaluate them for technical and economic feasibility.

Design Process:

1. Creative Research

  • Technical briefing and product briefing
  • Hand and digital sketching
  • Renderings

2. Virtual modeling

  • Virtual reality visualization
  • Preliminary feasibility studies
  • Virtual Aerodynamics studies

3. Physical Modeling

  • Reduced size and 1:1 scale mock-ups
  • Milling
  • Manual modeling

4. Refinement

  • Optical scanning
  • Reverse engineering
  • Construction tests
  • Styling Feasibility

5. Model Creation

  • Realization of B class surfacing
  • Master model
  • Product feasibility